Invermere Trail Network

Recently Nina and I ventured to Panorama as her team, Prairie Girls Racing was taking part in a downhill course held by The Shred Sisters and the Prairie Girls. We arrived in Radium the Thursday evening and checked out what the locals had to say about the trails. We were pointed towards the Johnson Trail network just up the hill from town.  Always keen to explore trails outside of Edmonton we loaded up the bikes and made our way to the trail head.  As you come up the road there is a parking lot on the right hand side of the road with ample parking.

We started out by heading down the Johnson Loop in a clockwise direction. A couple kilometers in we hopped on the black diamond trail, Rock’n the Flume. This was tight single track trail with only one real black diamond feature, a wooden roll over down a rock.  If you enjoy tight single track with lots of line selection through rocks then this trail is for you. After that trail we continued on the Johnson trail and rode over to the Kloosifier trail.  This section of trail is by far the best piece that we rode while in Invermere. High speeds with lots of flow would be the only way to describe this 10km loop.  There are a few decent climbs but nothing overly technical.

Nina heading up to look out on the trail where you have a great view of town.
Overlooking Invermere.
Another part of the ridge line with great views.

After riding the Kloosifier loop we turned around and rode back up the hill to finish the Johnson loop.  The second half of the trail was much more interesting than the first with quite a bit more change in elevation and more technical parts of the trail.  In many places you are given the option of a black diamond or blue way to do the same part of the trail.  If you are a capable rider with experience on technical climbs and descents than you should absolutely take the harder of the two options every time.  As you move to the southern part of the trail, once again, riding in a clockwise direction, you will be treated to stunning views of hoodoos as well as the river snaking its way through the canyon.

Some of the hoodoos visible from the trail.
The whole view!
Great views the entire time.

I would highly suggest you check out these trails and let me know what you think! If you have any questions or suggestions for similar riding, leave them in the comments below!


Bike Ridden: 2016 Norco Revolver HT 9.2

Camera: Olympus TG-4

Strava Ride:


Useful Links

Bicycle Works, the crew will keep your bike sorted while in town and can offer advice on trails!

Trailforks Maps for Invermere

GPX Route to follow the Johnson Kloosifer Loops from the Parking lot that I created

invermere trail forks

Nina crushing one of the climbs on the Johnson Loop



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